Thanks to the generosity of the ASFS PTA, there is now a substantial collection of art supplies dedicated exclusively to the Art in the Classroom program.  These supplies include:

Supplies for Art in the Classroom are located in a large cabinet marked “Art in the Classroom” housed in Ms. Arnett’s art classroom.  (The smocks are located in a cabinet under the sink to the right of the main supply cabinet).

What if you can’t find what you need?

We are continually working to build up our collection of available supplies, but there may be items you need for your project that are not provided.  One such item is paper—we have decided, for now, not to stock a lot of art paper as part of our regular supplies.  There are so many different types and sizes of paper, it is best to decide exactly what kind and how much you need for your particular project.  Good art paper is important to the successful use of various materials (e.g., watercolor paper should be used with watercolor paints), so make sure you get the kind of paper you need if paper is part of your project.  Art paper can be purchased at Pearl Art & Craft and A.C. Moore in Bailey’s Crossroads, as well as Michael’s in Seven Corners. 

Can you get reimbursed for supplies?

Yes.  If you purchase supplies for your program, fill out a reimbursement form (found in the office), attach your receipt, and put it in the Art in the Classroom mailbox in the office.  IMPORTANT:  You must get authorization in advance to spend more than $25 for supplies.  To get authorization, e-mail Leslie Spitalney at


There is a large collection of art posters for use in your presentation that are located in the PTA closet on the lower level of the school.  Click below to see a list of available posters.


List of Posters