2nd grade curriculum

In 2nd grade, we are introducing a new curriculum this year that will teach the kids, in a very broad sense, how art evolved over the past 125 years from realistic (representational) art to abstract art.  The idea is to give the kids some ability to put the abstract art they see into context.  We would like parents to try to cover 4 styles or movements in order:

  • Realism
  • Impressionism
  • Cubism
  • Abstraction

The artists we have chosen are grouped into one of these 4 categories, and we have prepared written materials to introduce each of these, which are available through links below.  Therefore, unlike in other grades, THESE MOVEMENTS NEED TO BE TAUGHT IN ORDER.  It would also be best to teach the artists within each movement in the order set forth below.  You do not need to cover every artist under each movement, but you should cover at least one artist from each.

IF YOU ARE THE FIRST PERSON TO COVER AN ARTIST UNDER A PARTICULAR MOVEMENT, PLEASE INTRODUCE THE MOVEMENT AND MAKE A TRANSITION FROM THE PREVIOUS MOVEMENT BEFORE TALKING ABOUT THE PARTICULAR ARTIST.  For example, if Realism was covered in your classroom through Homer and/or Hopper and you are the first person to talk about one of the Impressionists, you will need to introduce the concept of Impressionism at the beginning of your program.  The links below contain materials to help you introduce each movement.  If you are the second or third person covering an artist under a particular movement, you do not need to do the whole introduction of that movement again, but you should reiterate that this artist also belongs to that movement [Impressionism, Cubism, etc.]. 

 2nd Grade Artists:

Realism (click here for a general Introduction to be used at the beginning of the year which also includes an Introduction to Realism):

Impressionism (click here for the Introduction to Impressionism):

Cubism (click here for the Introduction to Cubism):

Abstraction (click here for the Introduction to Abstraction):

NOTE for end of year:

There is a special visual available for use during the last Art in the Classroom in the 2nd grade. 

It is a timeline across two pieces of foamboard upon which are positioned various Velcro dots. 
There are laminated items with Velcro
backs that include the words: REALISM, IMPRESSIONISM,
CUBISM and ABSTRACT, as well as names of artists and
pictures of various works of art.  The idea
is for the kids to put the timeline together with your help during the final
Art in the Classroom of
the year.  It will help them review how art evolved from realistic to abstract art.  They LOVE
this timeline. 

When you have scheduled your last Art in the Classroom for the year, contact Leslie Spitalney
(leslie@spitalney.com) about getting the timeline materials.