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Welcome to Art in the Classroom at ASFS!  Art in the Classroom is a PTA program designed to broaden and enhance the educational experience of children at ASFS.  Through monthly parent-led programs, children are exposed to a wide variety of artists and artistic styles and movements.  Children are also given the opportunity to experiment with a range of artistic materials and media through projects that allow them to experiment with the style or technique used by a particular artist.

The lessons taught by parents through Art in the Classroom relate not only to art, but also to history, geography, and often math and science.  Teaching children about a Renaissance artist will necessarily involve a discussion of history and geography (Where is Italy?), as well as a discussion of concepts such as depth, perspective and horizon lines.  Teaching children about the sculpture of Alexander Calder will require a discussion of kinetic motion, weight and balance.  The programs are enriching for the children and lots of fun.

Art in the Classroom is designed to complement the wonderful art program that is part of the regular ASFS curriculum.  Through both weekly art classes with Ms. Arnett and monthly Art in the Classroom programs, ASFS students will enter middle school with an important level of “cultural literacy” in the visual arts. 

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